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Best Pens For Lawyers: 15 Great Pens to Choose From

The ideal contract-signing fountain pen, much like legal opinions, tends to vary from one lawyer to another. So, we took the time to sample numerous options and have narrowed them down to 15 stellar pens that suit a broad variety of writing styles and needs. 
Let’s look into them, shall we?  These pens can be purchased from!
Pilot Metropolitan
The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen delivers class and efficiency on a budget. It has an impeccable lacquer finish with stainless steel trims that would stand out in any room. 
Its brass body is great for durability but also makes this pen a bit heavy. Still, the weight is not uncomfortable as it balances fairly well. 
The fine nib would be ideal for clear signature lines but you could always opt for the medium or broad nib options too if you please. The pen comes with a Pilot ink cartridge and converter for refills.
Waterman Hemisphere
The Waterman Hemisphere could be the pen for you if you are on the hunt for a light writing instrument. Its sleek metal body has a slim barrel and weighs only about 24 grams thereby making it easy to wield. You can also use the pen unposted to make it even lighter.
Waterman Hemisphere nibs are available in fine and medium. The ink delivery in both is smooth and does not overflow. So, either choice could serve you well. The pen can be refilled using either an ink cartridge or a converter. 
Waterman Expert
True to its name, the Waterman Expert may be a great pen choice if you have used fountain pens before. It is slightly heavier and has a thicker barrel. It may, therefore, require just a touch more experience for you to use it with ease. 
The comfortable grip section and the firm stainless steel nib make for sturdy penmanship. Even the medium nib that runs a little wet still delivers legible strokes on standard paper. 
Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen
The Matte Black Forest fountain pen is made of stainless steel. The matte black finish gives it a sophisticated look and a non-slip feel that makes writing (even for long sessions) quite steady and comfortable. 
This budget pen glides along well on paper without bleeding or feathering. The 0.5mm nib, in particular, comes highly recommended.
The weight and dimensions of the pen are also remarkably balanced. They make it a delight to use for almost any kind of writer.  
Beiluner Luxury Fountain Pen
The Beiluner Luxury fountain pen may stand out for you if you prefer pens with refined eye-catching finishes. It has a silver stainless steel body accentuated with contrasting trims and an outstanding 24k gold plated nib. 
The iridium nib is steady and delivers a consistent flow of ink. It achieves fairly even strokes (despite it being medium size) and is fed by an ink converter. The converters are available in 0.5ml and 0.85ml just in case you plan to use your phone for longer spells. 
Notably, this pen’s design is optimized for both right-handed and left-handed writers which is something that not all other pens offer.
Sailor Professional Gear
The Sailor Professional Gear line of pens offers an abundance of options. It is available in a variety of color choices from black to ivory and more with silver or gold trims.
In terms of functionality, you can opt for the king-size, regular, or slim size based on whichever pen dimensions you prefer. The selection of nibs is also more diverse and includes extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, zoom, and music options. 
If all the choices seem overwhelming, the regular size with a medium nib is often a winning combination for most people. It is easy to handle and the medium nib delivers definitive writing strokes almost as though you are using a fine nib. 
Pilot Namiki Falcon
Namiki is a high-end brand of fountain pens that live up to their price. The Pilot Namiki Falcon earns its place on this list because it strikes a great balance between top-notch features and value for money. 
It has a medium-size barrel that is neither too light nor too heavy and balances well whether posted or unposted.
The 14K gold-plated nibs are available in flex and firm options as well as fine, medium, and broad sizes. Ink flows quite well on all nib designs but the flex and broad nibs are a bit of an acquired taste. 
Kaweco Dia 2
The Kaweco Dia 2 is a classic pen that is simple yet suave and dependable at the same time. It has a compact and light acrylic body but its stability and durability are enhanced by its aluminum components.
You can fill the Kaweco Dia 2 using a converter or an ink cartridge. Its superior steel nibs provide an easy flow of penmanship with no scratchiness. The nib sizes go as high as a double broad but the fine and medium sizes may allow you to write more freely.
Montegrappa Fortuna Silver
The Montegrappa Fortuna Silver could be an ideal everyday writing companion. Its stainless steel body is resilient and its finishes are not prone to chipping. 
The weight distribution on this pen is even and unlikely to tire you even if you have a mountain of admin paperwork to authorize. The barrel and grip section sizing is also carefully designed to keep your hand comfortably poised. 
Montegrappa Fortuna Silver nibs are firm but deliver very measured strokes. A medium nib, for example, may write like fine nibs from other pens. So, where possible, it is advisable to test a few nib sizes before settling for one.
Mont Blanc 146
The Mont Blanc 146 a.k.a the Montblanc Meisterstück Le Grand is the kind of pen you gift yourself for making partner or winding up a game-changing matter. It is a pricey but efficient fountain pen. 
The barrel is made using resin and has gold-plated trims. Its grip section takes some getting used to but it is much easier to adapt to than that of the much thicker Mont Blanc 149. 
The filling system is a piston converter. It feeds a 14K gold-plated nib with a silver-plated in-lay which is offered in extra-fine to oblique broad sizes. Any pick between fine and medium may be a safe bet in terms of helping you achieve legible penmanship. Especially in situations where you may not have control over the quality of paper.
Aurora 88
The Aurora 88 is a superbly designed pen with understated elegance. 
The grip section of this pen has a raised lip and a streamlined shape that takes to fingers like oars to a boat. You can also order the pen in a matte finish for an enhanced non-slip grip.
Aurora 88 nibs are made of solid rose gold and are adorned with signature Aurora markings that gleam as you write. They dispense ink very efficiently and so you could achieve well-defined strokes with a medium nib. To top it all off, the pen has an ink window to help you keep track of when to refill the pen. 
Platinum 3766
The Platinum 3766 would be a good compromise if you fancy pens like the Mont Blanc 146 but do not want to splurge. However, it still offers the cigar shape, some heft, and good weight balance
Platinum pen caps have a slip and seal feature that keeps nibs from drying. As such, this would be a good writing instrument to keep if you tend to type more than you write. 
On nibs, the extra-fine and fine nib options can be a bit scratchy. So, the medium nib may be a better fit if you prefer smoother, slightly wetter penmanship. 
Sailor 1911
The Sailor 1911 resembles the Sailor Pro Gear but could be a much better pick if you prefer a slightly longer and weightier pen with the same comfy girth.
This pen comes with a cartridge and converter. It has an engraved 14K nib which, like most Sailor pens, has a medium nib that writes like a fine nib. This is not a bad quality rather just something you may need to be aware of as you choose a nib. 
Pelikan M400
The M400 is another top contender for an everyday pen that is both dependable and envy-worthy. It is light, compact, and has a beautiful finish with a tortoiseshell pattern. 
Posting this pen gives it just the right length and back weight to enhance your writing experience. As expected of Pelikans, the ink flow is superb and the nibs are of great quality. You may also enjoy the freedom to switch the M400 nibs with those of previous Pelikan fountain pens like the M120.
Lamy 2000
One of the most common words used to describe the Lamy 2000 is ‘workhorse’ and it certainly fits the bill. It is possibly one of the top fountain pen options that you can keep in your briefcase for day-to-day use.
The minimalist design of this pen focuses more on function than pomp. It has a slender-ish girth that handles well and allows you to write with no fuss. The larger ink capacity equally comes in handy if you need to write for long durations.
The Lamy 2000 nibs are of good quality but you may want to consider the fine nib as it takes to paper generally better than the medium or the broad. 
To Sum It Up
The beauty of fountain pens is that no matter what your writing style or budget is, you can certainly find a pen to match your needs. So, take the leap and discover a whole new world of writing experiences. 

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