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6 Tech Terms to Pay Attention to if You’re Pursuing a Law Career – Legal Reader

By understanding these tech terms, legal professionals will be better prepared to take advantage of the current digital transformation taking place.
At the intersection of law and technology, terms like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning have gained importance in recent years. Professionals interested in pursuing a career in law should pay attention to these newer tech terms and understand how they may impact their industry.
Here are six tech terms you should familiarize yourself with if you’re pursuing a career in law:
Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important topic in the world of law. With the rise of data privacy, businesses need lawyers who understand the laws and regulations surrounding this topic. Because of data breaches, tech that helps protect data, like MDR, has become more necessary than ever. A thorough understanding of cyberlaw is also essential for attorneys representing clients with tech-related cases. Cyberlaw involves protecting intellectual property rights, as well as navigating digital contracts and agreements. Additionally, attorneys should stay current with new developments concerning cybercrime, which could range from identity theft to ransomware attacks or data breaches. Having a firm grasp of the legal implications associated with these cyber threats is essential for any law professional in today’s digital world.
Blockchain is a digital ledger system that can record and track transactions between two parties securely. It has been used for cryptocurrency exchanges but is also applicable to legal contracts, identity verification, document management, medical records, and more. Legal professionals need to be aware of how this technology works so they can help their clients use it appropriately.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence refers to computer programs that can simulate human thought processes by analyzing data faster than humans could ever do. In the legal world, AI has been used for tasks such as contract analysis and predicting outcomes. Lawyers should be aware of how AI is being implemented in their field to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.
Machine Learning

Machine learning; image by Salvatore P, via Pexels, CC0.Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that focuses on analyzing data to detect patterns and make predictions. This technology can help lawyers remain informed about trends in their industry or even streamline some of their processes, such as document review. Being knowledgeable about machine learning will give them an edge over other legal professionals who are not taking advantage of its capabilities.
Robotics Process Automation
Robotics process automation (RPA) refers to the use of software applications that automate repetitive tasks, such as preparing documents and managing records. RPA can help lawyers speed up tedious processes and free them up for more meaningful work. It is crucial for legal professionals to understand how this technology works so they can make the most of it in their practice.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has become an important part of daily life and is only going to become more vital in the future. Lawyers need to be familiar with cloud computing in order to protect their clients’ data and understand the implications of cloud-based contracts. The cloud can make it easier for lawyers to access information and collaborate with colleagues, which can help them provide better legal advice. Additionally, many law firms are now moving their operations to the cloud, so lawyers who understand cloud computing will be better positioned for career advancement.
By understanding these tech terms, legal professionals will be better prepared to take advantage of the current digital transformation taking place in their industry and remain competitive in their field. In addition, being knowledgeable about these technologies will open up new opportunities for furthering a law career as organizations begin to incorporate them into their operations. If you want to have an edge in your law career, it is critical that you stay abreast of current trends and developments.

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