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5 Questions to ask before Hiring a Social Media Manager

In today’s digital age, having a social media presence is a must, especially if you are a business owner. Social media works as a great marketing tool for the business. A social media manager is a professional who is responsible for managing an organization’s social media presence. This includes creating and managing content, monitoring and responding to comments and messages, and engaging with followers. 
But before hiring one such manager, you need to ask some questions, to make sure s/he is the right fit for you. 

1.What social media tools are you familiar with?
There are various tools available on the internet but all won’t work for your niche. Make sure the manager you hire understands your industry and knows which tools will work better. 

2. Can you handle paid ads? 
Working on social media posts and working on paid ads are very different. One might be very creative with posts but doesn’t know how to run paid ads. Make sure you have complete information about what the manager can do or cannot do. 

3. Industry experience? 
Understand what kind of industry experience they hold. If you are a fashion brand, check if they have worked with fashion brands before, if yes, look at the portfolio. See if they understand your industry and its components on not 

4. Engagement? 
Make sure you as a brand owner and the manager are on the same page with the definition of engagement. You might want a specific kind of following whereas the manager might look at just the number of followers. 

5. Managing multiple accounts at a time? 
You need to make sure whether the manager has experience and can successfully manage multiple social media accounts at once or not. Strategy for YouTube might be completely different from Linkedin.

There is a possibility that you might need 2-3 managers depending upon the scale of business. Every social media platform requires a unique strategy and different game plan which might not be possible for just one person.  

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