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4 Signs You Need an Asylum Lawyer

Applying for asylum in the United States can be a complicated and lengthy process. Therefore, it is important that you are properly informed about the procedure and aware of the various options available to you. Employing an asylum lawyer can simplify this process and increase your chances of successfully being granted asylum.
1.    If you are unsure if you qualify for asylum
Asylum is a complicated category within immigration law and not everyone meets the qualifications outlined by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). To meet these requirements, you must be a refugee who cannot or does not wish to return to their home country due to persecution, or fear of persecution, because of religion, race, nationality, political beliefs, or involvement with a certain social group. Consulting with an asylum lawyer can help you assess whether your situation is applicable and prevent any unnecessary confusion.
2.    If you need help with the application process
There are two different forms of asylum: Affirmative Asylum and Defensive Asylum. It is crucial that you know which form of asylum your situation pertains to as the legal processes for each application are considerably different. An asylum lawyer could also suggest that you would benefit from applying for a standard visa, depending on your current circumstances in your home country.
Once an asylum lawyer has helped you identify the correct application, they can assist you through the process of completing and filing your I-589 form. This will ensure that all the information you have provided is correct, preventing any delays in the application process.
3.    If you want help preparing for your USCIS interview
After your application for asylum has been processed, the USCIS will schedule an interview. The interview is used to assess the validity of your claim and to prevent any fraudulent visas from being granted. The prospect of an interview can be intimidating, so talking to an asylum lawyer who is familiar with the procedure can significantly reduce any stress or anxiety you may feel. They can guide you through the questions that are typically asked and inform you of any additional information you may need to provide.
4.    If you are worried your case will go to court
When applying for Affirmative Asylum, your case can be referred to the courts if there is any uncertainty surrounding your application. While this is a daunting prospect, consulting with an asylum attorney ensures that you are prepared for this possibility and that you will be fairly represented in court under their counsel.
Given that Defensive Asylum moves straight to court proceedings, thereby skipping the USCIS application process, having an asylum attorney is crucial. They will be able to effectively argue your case and ensure that your rights are being protected while you are detained.
Final Thoughts
The process of applying for asylum can be daunting and riddled with uncertainties. By consulting with an asylum lawyer, you guarantee that you are following the correct procedures for your situation and that your rights are being defended.

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